Hints and Tips

Here are some pages which, although from other clubs, apply pretty much to Crawley as well. Please take the time to read through them in detail - their authors have put a vast amount of work into them, and the value shows.

 Number  Title
 0016  Bath University: How to Teach in the Pool (PDF 289K)
 0015  Clidive: Guide to RIB Diving (PDF 124K)
 0014  Slough SAA: The BITZ SCUBA Equipment Guide
 0013  Chippenham Divers: How to - Get the most from the club
 0012  Chippenham Divers: How to - Run dives
 0011  Chippenham Divers: How to - Plan and marshal a RIB dive
 0010  Chippenham Divers: How to - Plan and marshal a dive
 0009  Chippenham Divers: How to - Buy and maintain your kit
 0008  Chippenham Divers: How to - Choose the right kit
 0007  Chippenham Divers: How to - Dive Enjoyably
 0006  Chippenham Divers: How to - Dive Safely
 0005  Stingray Divers: Kit Care
 0004  Stingray Divers: Assembling a SCUBA Unit
 0003  Stingray Divers: Try-Dive Guidelines
 0002  Hellfins: Safety Recommendations
 0001  Hellfins: Safety Essentials