Dive Cost Calculator

Below you will find a calculator, that allows you (or the Dive Marshal) to provide a rough calculation of the cost of a particular dive.

Dive Variables Dive Costs
Total Miles towed Towing 0.00
Launch fees, etc Launching 0.00
Dive Details Wave 1 Wave 2 Boating Costs Wave 1 Wave 2
Travel to site (Nautical Miles) Fuel Cost 0.00 0.00
Number of divers in boat Oil Cost 0.00 0.00
Number of non-divers in boat
People Details Charges Each Totals
Number of divers: One dive Divers: One Dive 0.00 0.00
Number of divers: Two dives Divers: Two Dives 0.00 0.00
Number of non-divers Non-divers 0.00 0.00
  Total Expenses 0.00
    Total Dive Levies 0.00