About Us

Who are we

Crawley Divers is a Scuba Diving Club based in Crawley, West Sussex. The Club was founded in 1956, and is a branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC).

We pride ourselves in drawing our membership from a wide cross-section of people and jobs. The ages of our members spans from teenagers to pensioners. Single people and married couples with or without families are also part of what we feel is a diverse and socially rewarding environment.

It may be thought that SCUBA diving is a male oriented sport but we are keen to point out that this is not the case. We have many female members, making up about one third of the Club, covering the full range of diving grades and contributing fully to the success of the branch.

Being a long-standing branch means that our membership almost spans the full range of diving qualifications, including three First Class Divers, and encompasses a wealth of diving experience. We have some members who have been with the Branch for over 25 years.

We are well blessed with instructors having at time of writing, one National Instructor, one Advanced Instructors, five Open Water Instructors, and three Assistant Instructors. This is unequalled by any other local branch. Our members actively teach on the BS-AC Instructor Training Programme which helps ensure that practices are kept up to date and that standards remain high.

Where we dive

Although most of our regular diving is carried out from the Sussex coast, we often run diving expeditions to other areas such as Dorset, South Devon, West Wales, and inland locations such as Stoney Cove in Leicestershire. A diving expedition may last a half-day, a whole day, a weekend, or longer. Essentially we dive where most members want to go. Many dives sites are chosen so that a member's family will be catered for and have adequate shore facilities.

Going farther afield, members have in the past few years also dived in such diverse places as Cornwall, the Inner Hebrides, Jersey, Sardinia, Malta, Gozo, Ibiza, Greece, Minorca, Gibraltar, the Red Sea, the Maldives, Jamaica, St Lucia, Cayman Islands, Thailand, Indonesia, Cyprus, Florida, and other popular holiday destinations.

In 2010 our members dived in England, Egypt, The Maldives, The Galapagos, Crete, Scapa Flow, and St Kilda. In all, 40 busy divers did over 1000 dives.

Come and join us!

We are an active club and, with a membership at around 50 to 60, we are a fairly average sized branch. We are always on the look out for new members whether you:

  • Are interested in learning to dive for the first time (try dive)
  • Have learnt to dive on holiday and would like to continue with your diving in the UK
  • Are a "lapsed" diver who wants to return to the fold

So why not get in touch and see if we can help you. (We are always particularly interested to hear from other divers wishing to cross-over to the BSAC system).

About the BSAC

What is the BSAC?

BSAC stands for British Sub Aqua Club.

The BSAC is the UK's leading dive club and the sport's National Governing Body, providing an internationally-recognised diver training and development programme via a network of clubs and centres across the country and overseas.

Formed to promote underwater sport, exploration, science and safety to the highest standards, the BSAC is a Company Limited by Guarantee and as such cannot distribute a profit to its shareholders, the Members (including Officers and Council Members). This means the net results of all BSAC activities are constantly ploughed back into further development of the sport to the benefit of all divers.

What is a BSAC Branch?

BSAC branches are autonomous groups of BSAC members who organise and promote their own diving activities, frequently having group ownership of equipment such as dive boats, compressors and often training equipment. Most branches have open membership and are based on population centres, usually meeting weekly at local swimming pools.

How can I join a BSAC Diving Course?

You can learn to dive with the BSAC, or you can continue your training if you have started with another organisation.

Branch training courses are usually provided for the members of a Branch and are organised around the regular Branch meetings, usually at a local swimming pool. Courses are organised at various times and locations by arrangement and can even be arranged as part of a diving holiday.

If I have started to dive with another organisation, can I continue with the BSAC?

Of course, the BSAC welcomes all divers. It is not unusual to be tempted to try diving while on holiday, and then wish to continue when you return home. Just contact your local BSAC Branch and they will be happy to help you continue your dive training and to gain further experience.

The British Sub-Aqua Club accepts previous diver training by recognised agencies, whether recreational, commercial or military. When a diver qualified by another training agency becomes a member of the BSAC, the qualifications they already hold are recognised as a starting point for further training within the BSAC by the issue of a Statement of Alternative Training (SALT).

The Statement of Alternative Training (SALT) process recognises that the new member has a qualification that the BSAC considers to be of a similar standard to an appropriate BSAC qualification. With this SALT Certificate, the new member may take part in dives appropriate to that particular grade of BSAC diver, and may also train for the next higher BSAC qualification. The SALT process has to assume that the person has only just obtained the certificate they hold. It cannot offer any further credit for variables such as additional diving experience gained since the qualification was achieved, or training undertaken on incomplete courses.