Safety First

The 'Safety First' Programme is designed to raise and maintain awareness throughout the sport diving community about safe diving practices and the need for responsible diving. The Programme also assists BSAC Branches  to provide a more formalised approach in providing 'refresher' training to qualified divers within the overall context of the BSAC Diver Training Programme.

  • When was the last time you went for a dive?

  • Do you want to brush up your diving skills?

  • Have you checked your diving equipment recently?

  • How fit do you feel?

  • Can you remember the top ten safe diving tips?


Analysis of the BSAC Incident Reports demonstrates that where BSAC guidelines are followed, diving is a very safe and enjoyable sport, especially when enjoyed by divers within the BSAC Branch structure. An unfortunately frequent conclusion, however, is that the vast majority of the incidents that are reported could have been avoided if those involved had practiced some of the basic elements of safe diving practices.

The 'Safety First' Programme is designed to demonstrate how any diver can benefit from the experience of diving with a regular group of enthusiasts, by being able to draw on the support and experience of others as they consolidate and develop their own personal diving skills. Divers participating in the 'Safety First' Programme are able to practice and 'fine-tune' their diving skills and ensure that they remain up to date before the start of the diving season, or after a break from active participation.

This Programme also appeals to all divers - the hard-core enthusiast who dives all year round, to the holiday diver who perhaps dives just once a year during their summer vacation. In all cases the intention is the same - allow all divers to ensure that they are 'dive-fit' and that they are practiced in skills and techniques, and in doing so work towards the prevention of incidents.

The overall objectives of the BSAC's 'Safety First' Programme are:

  • To place the emphasis on the prevention of incidents rather than on rescue skills
  • To reduce the number and seriousness of diving incidents
  • To continue to promote safe diving practices to all divers, irrespective of affiliation
  • To ensure that divers can enjoy their sport with an emphasis on safe, enjoyable diving.


The refresher diving course offered by the BSAC is called 'ScubaWISE'. The course consists of pool and theory lessons which cover basic diving skills and safety awareness. An assessment is made and the diver, on completion of the course receives a logbook sticker to show that their skills and diving knowledge are up-to-date.

'ScubaWISE' is available for the cost of materials to branch members, and for a fee to non-branch members.


Please contact the Diving Officer for further details, or to book a course.

The BSAC Website contains further information on ScubaWise.