Dive Marshal's Kit

The Branch maintains a Dive Marshal's Kit to aid in the planning and execution of Branch Diving. This section details what should in in the kit, and what will normally represent an essential set of references for the Dive Marshal.

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Using the Dive Marshal's Kit
Dive Marshal's Kit Contents
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Reference Binder 2
Operating Manuals

Using the Dive Marshal's Kit

Be sure to obtain the Kit in plenty of time from the previous Marshal.

Be sure to return the complete kit as soon as possible, or hand it on to the next Marshal.

Please do not remove items from the Kit. The vast majority of items that you are likely to use are also available on the branch web site under "Going Diving" / “Dive Marshal”. You can obtain and print forms from there (here!).

Remember that the whole Branch benefits from dive site information being obtained and recorded for future use. Some of this information is contained in the data sheets but it needs to be kept up to date and added to when the opportunity arises.

Try to include a certain amount of fact gathering during your dive, write it down and put it in the appropriate part of the Kit. Please also remember to pass on the information provided to all the members of your diving party.

If you are required to fill in any reports, e.g. a BSAC Accident/Incident Report, please do not leave it in the Kit but hand it in to the Diving Officer as soon as possible after your dive. All reports except the Expenditure Report must go to the Diving Officer first.

Dive Marshal's Kit Contents

Recent additions (to this page)

Planned Additions

  • Additional Charts
  • Additional Dive Guides
  • A list of key holders for the Club Hut, and Boat hitch and trailer locks
  • Expedition resources, such as B&B's, camping sites, etc.
  • A copy of the Insurance Certificate for the boat(s)

Main Binder

Items marked with a red dot (•) are restricted, and require a password to the Member's Only website.

1 Introduction
2 Contents Page
3 Instructions
4 Dive Planning Sheet - Going Diving
5 Dive Planning Sheet - Sites and Tides
6 Dive Planning Sheet - Personnel
7 Dive Planning Sheet - Timetable
8 Dive Planning Sheet - Dive Waves
9 Voyage Planning Sheet
10 Dive Record Sheet
11 Dive Account Sheet
12 Accident Management Form Front and Back
13 BS-AC Incident Report Form
14 • Members Diving / Instructor Grades and Contacts
15 • Members Boating / Rescue Skills
16 • Boat Towers
17 • Diving at Short Notice List
18 • Members Next of Kin Contacts
19 • Weekday Divers
20 • Winter Divers
21 • Schools List
22 • Shift Workers
23 • Boathandling Experience
24 Tidal Range Plot 2008
25 Notes on Shoreham Tide Tables
26 Shoreham Tide Tables 2008
27 Slacks - Chart 1652 Tidal Diamond Plots
28 Slacks - Chart 1652 Tidal Diamond Worksheet
29 NP 109 - NW Europe Admiralty Chart Catalogue
30 Chart 5011 - Symbols and Abbreviations

Reference Binder

1 Contents Page
2 BSAC Third Party/Public Liability Insurance
3 BSAC T6 – Replaced by CDA Guidelines
4 BSAC T8 – Sea Sickness Medication
5 BSAC T7 – Replaced by CDA Guidelines
6 Engine Checklist
7 Engine Fault-Finding
9 UK Whales and Dolphins
11 GMDSS Procedures for Small Boat Users / Emergency Radio Procedures
13 Receiver of Wreck
15 Notes on Wreck Law
17 MCA Report of Wreck and Salvage
19 Hydrographic Office Wrecks Section
21 DDRC Diving Accident Workflow and Management Worksheet
23 The Five Minute Neurological Examination
24 Life Saving and Distress Signals
25 MCA – Solas V for Pleasure Craft
27 MCA – Life Saving Signals
29 SOLAS V – Regulation 19 – Navigation Equipment
30 SOLAS V – Regulation 34 – Safe Navigation (Voyage Planning)
31 SOLAS V – Annex 15 – Radar Reflectors
32 SOLAS V – Annex 24 – Voyage Planning
36 SOLAS V – Annex 25 – Guidelines for Voyage Planning

Reference Binder 2

1 Contents Page
3 Marshalling dives where different breathing gas mixes are used
4 Rebreather Safe Diving Practices
9 Mixed Gas Safe Diving Practices
11 Maximum Operating Depths
12 Equivalent Air Depths
13 Oxygen Partial Pressures
14 CNS O2 Clock Tracking
15 UPTD Tracking
16 CNS Repetitive Table
17 Dive Time vs Toxicity Clock Balancing
18 Nitrox Mixing Tables - Top-up Tables
20 Nitrox Mixing Tables - From-empty Tables
23 Safe Diving Practices

Operating Manuals