BSAC Instructor Training Scheme

The BSAC Instructor Training Scheme (ITS) runs over 170 events each year, providing training and assessment at all levels for both amateur and professional instructors. Our standards are internationally recognised and, as the UK Governing Body, are endorsed by the Sports Council and the Health and Safety Executive.

The ITS is run from BSAC Headquarters and staffed by experienced instructors who have been through special instructor development training. Two of our branch members are active and experienced staff members on the ITS.

To find out more, please refer to the Instructor Training pages at BSAC HQ.

We actively encourage all our divers who have achieved Sports Diver level to consider attending an Instructor Foundation Course. This is one of the best, and most enjoyable of the BSAC courses and if, at the end of it, you decide that you do not wish to progress any further, then we will respect that decision. Those who wish to properly qualify as instructors can be assured of an excellent level of support from the Branch, and as we have two Instructor Examiners in the Branch, we are up to date with the standards expected and can provide coaching to help you meet them.

Course Schedule

Please see the SE ITS Programme for courses and exams run in the South-East up to Open Water Instructor.

Please see the National Programme for courses from Advanced Instructor upwards, and other events.

OWI Instructor Development

Open Water Instructors wishing to develop their skills and experience before embarking on the Advanced Instructor training and examination are encouraged to help teach on the Regional Skill Development Courses. Further details can be found on the SE Region Website.

BSAC Instructor Resources

The current Instructor Materials are available from the BSAC Shop, and there is a Training Material Updates page on the BSAC web site for errata, modifications, and enhancements

The Branch maintains up to date Instructor Manuals, Visual Aids and Examination Papers. Please contact the Diving Officer or Training Officer if you require access to these resources.

You may also find the following links of use.

Mark Mumford also maintain his own libraries of materials that may be of interest.