Truthfully, life's too short to maintain countless sets of links to other sites. This isn't to indicate that I'm lazy, but I'm already maintaining the one at the BSAC South East Region website, so it might be just as easy to have a look there!

 Link  Description
BSAC South East Region A long list of links
Trident Diving Equipment A longer list of links

Our links

However, there are a very few that we ought to show.

 Link  Description
Mark Mumford Mark's Underwater Photography Site and online course
Dominic Humphries Dominic's SCUBA site
Dorking BSAC Another local BSAC club
K2 Divers Another local BSAC club

Temporary links

Here are a few that I've found that I'll put here until I update the BSAC South-East Web Site.

 Link  Description