Who's Who

Committee and other Officers

Our Club is formally run by a Committee of eight elected members, and helped by a number of others.

Officers who appear in bold type form the elected Committee.

 Officer  Name  Email  Phone
Chair  Arni Skarphedinsson Chair 07595 003094
  Newsletter Editor *Vacant*
  Receptions Officer Alan Mayes Receptions Officer 07584 176875
  Social Secretary Ben Deacon 07837 874602
Secretary  Peter Fearis Secretary 07947 213992
Treasurer  Chris Higgins Treasurer 07939 070103
  Membership Secretary Chris Higgins Membership Secretary 07939 070103
Diving Officer  David Jones Diving Officer 07789 928156
  Training Officer *Vacant*
  Assistant Diving Officer *Vacant*
  Expeditions Leader *Vacant*
Equipment Officer  David Jones Equipment 07789 928156
  Club House Manager *Vacant*
Untitled Officer David Carr 07774 838999
Untitled Officer Ben Deacon 07837 874602
Untitled Officer *Vacant*