We teach all of the BSAC Diver Grade Training Courses, including:

  • Ocean Diver
  • Sports Diver
  • Dive Leader
  • Advanced Diver
and can additionally coach and assist those preparing for the BSAC First Class Diver Exam.

The following represents links to the list of courses offered.

All instruction is provided by members of the branch, and we encourage our more experienced divers to train and qualify as SCUBA Instructors. We possess a wealth of experience, and can run almost all the additional Skill Development Courses that the BSAC has to offer (See below).

Skill Development Courses

The BSAC provides a wide range of Skill Development Courses for divers at varying levels of proficiency. These courses aim to expand the range of activities open to divers, to introduce them to new subjects and to guide them to higher levels of competence in specialist areas.

The Skill Development Courses are grouped into four main categories, and cover the whole spectrum of recreational diving, providing something for every diving interest.

Skill Development Courses are run both by the Regional Coaching Scheme and by BSAC Schools. Most courses take place at weekends but some may be offered as evening classes. Each candidate will be issued with a Student Pack containing course notes, and will have their attendance recorded on a database at BSAC HQ, who will subsequently send their logbook certification.

BSAC Branches may offer Skill Development Courses (SDC) to their members, and may work jointly with other Branches to organise an SDC. The BSAC Regional Coaching Scheme may be able to provide experienced leaders for Branch run courses. However, if a Branch wishes to have official BSAC approval and thus BSAC SDC Certification, the course must be approved and registered in advance by BSAC HQ in accordance with the SDC Registration Scheme, which involves the payment of a Registration Fee by each and every student. Branches seeking to run their own SDCs are invited to request copies of current SDC syllabus sheets and the 'Branch run Skill Development Courses Information Sheet / Application Form'.

Members who attend a BSAC Skill Development Course, whether run by Coaching Scheme, a BSAC School or a Branch, will have their attendance recorded on a database at BSAC HQ, and are sent certification for their Qualification Record Book and in most cases, a cloth badge and presentation certificate. Where BSAC diver training lessons are covered within a Skill Development Course, the Chief Instructor is authorised to sign these lessons in the member's Qualification Record Book.

The following represents links to the list of courses offered.

Regional Coaching Scheme SDCs

The South-East Region runs a programme of popular skill development courses.

Branch SDCs

Our Branch contains instructors qualified to lead, teach, and examine a large proportion of the BSAC skill development courses.

We are happy, with reasonable notice, to arrange and run any course for our members given that there is enough interest to make it financially viable at a reasonable cost to the members attending, and there is not an identical course being run within the region within a sensible time-frame.

Please contact the Diving Officer for further details