Pool / Sheltered Water Training

We teach practical diving lessons in the swimming pool at The K2 Centre in Crawley on a Wednesday evening at 20:00, where we hire the whole of the 4m deep diving area.

All equipment is provided for you for the duration of your basic pool training programme.

Bearing mind that people learn at different rates, and considering also our desire to teach everybody at the rate that they determine, however slow or fast, it does not make sense to have a formal pool schedule.

CRABBSAC has enough instructors normally to undertake pool training whenever it is required.

However, some discipline is required, and it is best to make a firm arrangement with your instructor each week, and to confirm your attendance a day or so in advance. While we do our best to be flexible, there is nothing more annoying than arriving at the pool and finding that your student (or instructor) isn't there!

Pool / Sheltered Water Training includes the following lessons

Ocean Diver

Lesson Code Lesson Title Key components
OS1 Being Underwater Mask, fins, snorkel, SCUBA
OS2 Basic Skills Buoyancy, DV/Mask clear, AAS
OS3 Developing skills Free flow DV, mask clear, AAS
OS4 Beyond the basics Finning no mask, mobility, snorkel skills
OS5 Safety skills AAS, CBL, tow

Sports Diver

Lesson Code Lesson Title Key components
SS1 Rescue Skills AAS, CBL, towing, dekitting