Open Water Training

Open Water Training will normally be undertaken at safe inland locations, although we may sometimes choose to hold some elements of Dive Leader from one of the Branch RIBs. Certain lessons can be easily accomplished during normal Branch diving.

Certain sites are more appropriate than others for certain skills. Anything that requires depths in excess of 6 metres generally dictates the use of Stoney Cove or the Sea.

Open Water Training for the various grades includes:

Ocean Diver

Lesson Code Lesson Title Key components
OO1 First Open Water dive Build up comfort level, depth to 6m
OO2 Second Open water dive Skills check, depth to 10m
OO3 Third Open water dive Buoyancy, AAS and dive leading, depth to 15m
OO4 Fourth Open water dive Rescue skills, depth to 20m
OO5 Fifth Open water dive Leading a dive in the range 12m to 20m

Sports Diver

Lesson Code Lesson Title Key components
SO1 Diver Rescue CBL, AV and Towing, Dekitting, 6m
SO2 Use of SMB SMB practice, 15m-20m
SO3 Simulated Decompression Use of shot / distance lines, 10-20m
SO4 Compass navigation / DSMB use Reciprocal work / seabed deployment, 6m/10m
SO5 Dive Leading / Basic Skills Review AAS, weight check, 10m-15m

Dive Leader

Lesson Code Lesson Title Key components
DO1 DSMB Use Mid-water deployment, 15-20m
DO2 Dive Leading Demo How to lead lesser experienced divers, up to 20m
DO3 Dive Leading Practice Putting DO2 into practice, up to 20m
DO4 Shot Repositioning and Recovery Simple lift and shift, full lift, 10m
DO5 Rescue Management Scenarios Practical Scenarios, surface/shore/boat
DO6 Diving and Rescue Skills Review Mask Clearing, AAS at 15m
DO7 Rescue Skills Review CBL from 15m, Rescue, Aftercare

Advanced Diver

Lesson Code Lesson Title Key components
AO1 Diving and Rescue Skills Mask Clearing, AAS at 20m, surface rescues
AO2 Rescue Management Review CBL from 20m, Rescue, Aftercare