The Ocean Diver Course


A diver who is competent to dive with another Ocean Diver or with a Sports Diver, within the restriction of conditions already encountered during training. They can conduct dives with a Dive Leader (or higher) to expand their experience beyond conditions encountered during training, under the supervision of a Dive Marshal. Ocean Divers are initially restricted to the maximum depth experienced during training, but this can subsequently be extended progressively, under the supervision of a Nationally Qualified Instructor (NQI), to a maximum of 20m. Ocean Divers will not have sufficient experience or knowledge to be partnered with trainee divers or to take part in stage decompression stop dives. Ocean Divers can only conduct dives where other suitably qualified divers, who can act as surface support, are present and the dive is properly Marshaled.

Course Content

The Ocean Diver course consists of

  • 7 Classroom lessons
  • Theory assessment
  • Basic swimming assessment
  • 5 Sheltered water lessons
  • 5 Open water lessons/dives
  • minimum of 120 minutes underwater time

Open water diving should encompass experience of at least four of the following:

  • shelving shore dive,
  • steep shore dive ,
  • low (2-4m) visibility dive ,
  • drift (0.25-0.5kn) dive,
  • small boat dive,
  • large boat dive,
  • wall dive,
  • dive in protective clothing.


Lesson Code Lesson Title Key components
OT1  Ocean Diver Training  Introduction to Branch/School, diver training
OS1  Being Underwater  Mask, fins, snorkel, SCUBA
OT2  Diving Equipment & Signals  Underwater environment, equipment, signals
OS2  Basic Skills  Buoyancy, DV/Mask clear, AAS
OT3  The Body & Effects of diving  Pressure, heat loss, buoyancy, fitness
OS3  Developing skills  Free flow DV, mask clear, AAS
OT4  Planning to go diving  Air, tables/computers
OS4  Beyond the basics  Finning no mask, mobility, snorkel skills
OT5  What Happens If ....  DCI, Narcosis, Oxygen as first aid
OS5  Safety skills  AAS, CBL, tow
OT6  Going diving  Buddy diving, role of DMs/ADMs, pilotage
OO1  First Open Water dive  Build up comfort level
OT7  Enjoying your diving  Types, characteristics, snorkelling
OO2-OO5  Second to Fifth Open water dives