Diving Rules

The Essentials

  • Any activity involving club equipment (boats or SCUBA equipment) is a club activity.

  • All club activities must be recorded and the Marshal must provide the details to the Diving Officer.

  • Buddy checks are mandatory on every dive. This is club practice - please do not scrimp on them.

  • Dive plans must be adhered to. Exceeding planned depths is not acceptable - this typically happens when a shot or anchor has been dragged from a wreck - so be prepared for this in your plan, or abort your dive if not.

  • Be aware of the skills of the group on any trip and that a Sports Diver does not necessarily as wide experience or as developed diving skills as others in the party.

  • When encouraging divers onto a trip, be aware that the diving may then have to be tailored to accommodate their skills and experience level.

This page was last updated on : 09 Sep 2018